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👋 Psst, this is a draft!

Just a quick note: this is a draft entry. That is, an entry literally tagged draft which I’ve published. The quality may be lower than typical a benchmark post, although that is personal distinction. You can read more in my announcement. Cheers.

Published June 5, 2023

I now publish drafts. You may commence rejoicing.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t for mostly the incredibly uninteresting reason of being lazy & indecisive. As I said, not an interesting excuse.

I did manage to start the frontend work i.e. adding UI around a published entry that is tagged draft sometime back in 2022. And recently, as in yesterday, I was setting up my local blog environment on a fresh install of an upcycled laptop and noticed there was pending changes. I threw it all together with context of someone who hadn’t looked at their own code in months. Regardless, shipping is favorable. Immediately after deploying these changes, I published some notes on FOSDEM 2021 that I had laying around under drafts/ essentially waiting for this exact moment.

It’s worth noting the semantics on this: not all drafts are published. They still need to be moved from drafts/ to posts/. This is exclusively related to having the tags: draft frontmatter metadata. I add a brief <details> widget at the top of entries noting this distiction along with the draft notation where entries are indexed.

I’d like to publish more and my goal with change is simply that: more throughput. I don’t believe this a quantity > quality situation, but rather simply more diverse content.

Some caveats worth calling out:

I’m sure there was more inspiration, but my quick searching yielded Ru’s post on this which compliments my thoughts well.

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