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Just a quick note: this is a draft entry. That is, an entry literally tagged draft which I’ve published. The quality may be lower than typical a benchmark post, although that is personal distinction. You can read more in my announcement. Cheers.

Published June 4, 2023

Note from the author—that’s me: this was originally written over 2 years ago back in February 2021. I’m publishing this now in June 2023 because I finally got around to throwing together a way to distinguish draft” posts that are published. I consider this something like that—not totally fleshed out, polished, or otherwise up to my ever-changing and wildly-inconsistent standards.” You’ve been warned. But I’d rather publish something than not and hopefully work myself out of this lack-of-blogging rut that I’ve found myself in.

Why didn’t I know about this before?

— me

This year I found out about FOSDEM via—both being new things on my radar.

Not sure how I hadn’t come across FOSDEM before. 🤷‍♂️ The CET (UTC + 1) to Central conversion made it difficult to catch things live. Ultimately, I caught one talk completely live: Colin Deans presentation on using Pandoc as a documentation workflow. As an aside, Colin is was a current colleague.

Colin Dean on Pandoc

I enjoyed the talk. I use Pandoc implicitly through this blog as I write Markdown files that get converted to HTML.

The remaining content in this post is quotes, notes, links, et cetera that I jotted down during the talk and attempted to make somewhat cohesive afterwards. You’ve been warned.

Treat documentation as source code.

Absolutely agree with the above. Jira was mentioned to be thought of as ephemeral and quickly out of date” which I 100% agree with, too.

pandoc + VSC (git via github) + CI (drone)

LaTeX if needed. Realistically, when you need it.

Q: What is TikZ? A: language (DSL?) to create graphics.

Any sufficiently advanced build script eventually re-implements Make.


Note: I’m liking the use of prose” over copy” or similar.

Check out proselint!

Computer Modern font?

A Friendly Intro to Software Testing (Bill Laboon):

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