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Published January 27, 2021

Note: realized this <guid> change isn’t necessarily durable against renaming old post filenames. I renamed an old post to fix a typo + redundant date in the filename which changed the Blot-generated GUID. Apologies if this caused a duplicate in your feed reader—I’ll be more diligent in the future about treating post filenames as immutable once they’re published.

I’ve updated the RSS feed which introduced some breaking changes. If you’re reading this because of that, I apologize. But, it was necessary to rip off that bandage and there’s no time like the present, eh?

The why is because I’ve changed each RSS <item>s <guid> to actually be a non-permalink unique string which is durable across posts changing permalinks. The downside is that all previous posts will be duplicated if you’re already subscribed. This is for a Better Future™—you can even check the commit. Having my feed.rss drift out of sync with the Blot builtins is just the reality of using a custom theme.

Admittedly I’m pretty new to being on the consuming (and producing, for that matter) end of RSS—you can expect a post as I learn more. Two smaller things you may have also noticed (in the RSS):

  1. I’m now iterating over all the posts when constructing the feed. The recent entries” data structure provided by Blot is in the 25-301 range. This post will be the 27th, so this was a necessary fix.
  2. The title has changed from Blog” -> Weblog”. I think it’s more accurate—a little cutesy—and I’m happy with the change.


  1. Confirmed, 30:↩︎

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