Published January 14, 2024

I’ve been idly intrigued by #100DaysToOffload for a couple years—the core reason being I wished I wrote more.

The premise is simple: write 100 posts within a 1-year window to your personal blog. That comes out to about 2 posts a week. There’s no prescription on length, topic, or really anything besides meeting the publishing cadence. It’s really that simple.

I’m also trying to take advantage of having a bit more free time right now. I was laid off towards the end of 2023 so while searching for a full-time job is a full-time job within itself, I’m left with the feeling of restlessness: the creative itch part of my brain that I can’t quite scratch in the way I normally would be in a full-time role. And then, ideally, when I’ve landed a new gig I’ll have built up habits to want to continue writing. And hopefully I’ll be able to leverage other writing workflows, like when I tried out using my Remarkable 2 to write a post.

As an aside, I took some time to flesh out more content in my /uses and /now pages and am in the process of getting them indexed on their respective canonical sites: uses.tech and nownownow.com.

Thanks Kev for making it a thing. :)

I love hearing from readers so please feel free to reach out.

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