Minnebar 18

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Published April 23, 2024

Author’s note: Minnebar 18 was this past weekend. This is what I jotted down on my phone at the event. I did take a few photos, but they were mostly of the slides (since they weren’t recorded this year) and none really capturing the event itself.

Solid coffee & donuts.

A Series of Irrational Acts - Lessons Learned from 3.1 Silicon Valley Startups (Alex Bangs)

Alt text for fun and profit (Jenn Czeck, Jess Schalz)

They ran out of coffee. :(

The Future of Energy and the 40X Problem (David Koerner)

Good pizza & major melon Mtn Dew.

Recruiting Hacks: Tips for Leaders, Hiring Managers and Senior Team Members to Boost the Talent Hunt (Paul DeBettignies)

How To Fail A Long Distance Thru-Hike (Kelly Heikkila)

rideshare.coop: A More Cooperative Ride Sharing Experience (David Duccini)


Happy hour was neat. Bummer it wasn’t kept onsite at Best Buy HQ, but offsite probably meant cheaper.

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