ProTip™: Nuke a File from Git History

Published July 1, 2024

Here’s the scenario: I was working on a take-home project as part of an interview process. I was given a document with the desired specs and had copied that into my project README. Towards the end of completion, as I was preparing to push to a public (now private) GitHub repository, I realized that I had included a plaintext password that was included as part of the spec. Before putting the codebase live into the wild, I needed to remove the README from Git history and put it back into re-existence with the plaintext password properly redacted.

Before sharing the one-liner copypasta, two caveats:

As the adage (today’s Wordle 🤓) goes, with great power comes great responsibility:

git filter-branch --force --index-filter "git rm --cached --ignore-unmatch PATH-TO-YOUR-FILE-WITH-SENSITIVE-DATA" --prune-empty --tag-name-filter cat -- --all


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