Frontend Masters Workshop Notes (2023)

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Published January 26, 2024

These are ad-hoc notes / thoughts from things I jotted down and things in retrospective of some recent Frontend Masters workshops I attended in December 2023. I did a quick once-over double checking basic spelling, general capitalization, and such but otherwise this a generally less flushed out post than I typically do. Oh well, that’s why I publish drafts.

JavaScript Quiz

Never heard of macrotasks & microtasks. Specifically queueMicrotask.

Details on MDN:

Angular Fundamentals

Haven’t used really used new” Angular, last time was Angular.JS circa 2016. Probably the reason I like Vue so much, they took inspiration from that e.g. with the HTML attributes. FWIW the Angular covered was the latest, IIRC v17.

Angular itself these days is very much a DSL (domain specific language) where you’re writing something that is hyper specialized. I don’t like JSX much, but I guess the advantage there is it’s a JS DSL that tries to resemble HTML.

Web A11y v3

Normative vs non-normative e.g. WCAG vs a blog post (not based on a standard; wouldn’t hold up in court)

AT == Assistive Technology

A11y tree, adjacent to the DOM

Broken window theory? If there’s a broken window people will just abandon it (vs try and fix it).

Landmark elements are the fancy new” ones from HTML5 e.g. <main>, <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <article>

<ul role="list"> for Safari

TIL live regions

Useful snippet:

document.body.addEventListener('focusin', () => console.log(document.activeElement));

Book recommendation: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Enterprise A11y

Rules of ARIA:

:focus-visible vs :focus

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