Published February 22, 2024


I recently found out about Chris Coyier’s Email is good.” blog which is all about email productivity.

An article from several months ago, linked above, talks about using email on first-name-last-name-dot-com websites:

Here are my thoughts—really only about the last bullet point—because I’ve actually spent brain CPU cycles thinking about this before. Plus, aliases & forwarding is cheap. So go nuts.

Ideally, if your first-name-last-name-dot-com or similar domain scheme is available and ergonomic enough to use as your personal website, go for it. Personally, my last name is too long and hyphenated so I deemed it not worth it years ago. However, let’s just pretend.

email me at”

My favorite address for this case is simply me. It lets you say email me at first-name-last-name-dot-com” and frankly I love that. It’s the same reason for my email me at omg dot lol.”

Personally, I don’t have this set up as I mention. However, since my first name has an a” in it, I’m able to substitute the @” for it when creating email addresses:

This gives me a nice short email attached to a nice short domain—which pairs perfectly with acting as a personal URL shortener.

More of a verb” in essence. I own the domain, but have not set this up. Ideally it would pair well with Delta Chat.

Again, I have the domain, but have not set this up. My main motivation is email first-name at last-name-dot-com.” As a note, I own the non-hyphenated dot com as well.

I recall a couple years ago around the time HEY launched, there was a small trend of creating hey@ addresses. I couldn’t find a link to any threads discussing it to be able to add a link. But hey, I promise, I remember.

I love hearing from readers so please feel free to reach out.

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