You Should Have a /pricing URL

Published January 21, 2024

tl;dr if you are charging money, you should have a /pricing URL full stop.

Here’s my lukewarm take that I’ve been simmering on for a while: your product website should have a /pricing URL.

I’m frequently seeing product launches trickle down through my feed and the elevator pitch makes me curious so I visit the link. After giving the site a quick skim to see what the product is about I’m wondering how much does this cost?” and if there’s no obvious primary navigation link for Pricing” I’ll add a /pricing to the base URL.

My reasoning is it shouldn’t be difficult to find out how much your product costs and there’s existing implicit” URLs like /about, /uses, and /now that are not required, but if they resolve e.g. don’t 404 there’s an expectation for the content.

Some caveats that immediately cross my mind:

As a meta example, this blog is powered by Blot, which has as pricing URL:

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