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Published January 10, 2021

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a11y? i18n? These are numeronyms—number based words—that consist of the first character, the number of characters between the first and last character, and the last character all concatenated together.

A naive implementation (in JavaScript):

const n7mify = (word) => (word.length < 4) ? (word) : (word.charAt(0) + (word.length - 2) + word.charAt(word.length - 1))
n7mify("numeronym") // n7m

Using Window.prompt to make it interactive:

prompt("Copy to clipboard", n7mify(prompt("Numeronymify?") || ""))

All together in a copypastable bookmarklet (I call mine n7mify):

javascript:(function(){const n7mify=(word)=>(word.length<4)?(word):(word.charAt(0)+(word.length-2)+word.charAt(word.length-1));prompt("Copy to clipboard",n7mify(prompt("Numeronymify?")||""))})();

Not explicitly blessing the use of numeronyms as a11y” is objectively less accessible of a word than accessibility” unless someone is already privvy to the abbreviation. hic sunt dracones, as they say.

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