Numeronyms AKA n7ms

Published January 10, 2021

a11y? i18n? These are numeronyms—number based words—that consist of the first character, the number of characters between the first and last character, and the last character all concatenated together.

A naive implementation (in JavaScript):

const n7mify = (word) => (word.length < 4) ? (word) : (word.charAt(0) + (word.length - 2) + word.charAt(word.length - 1))
n7mify("numeronym") // n7m

Using Window.prompt to make it interactive:

prompt("Copy to clipboard", n7mify(prompt("Numeronymify?") || ""))

All together in a copypastable bookmarklet (I call mine n7mify):

javascript:(function(){const n7mify=(word)=>(word.length<4)?(word):(word.charAt(0)+(word.length-2)+word.charAt(word.length-1));prompt("Copy to clipboard",n7mify(prompt("Numeronymify?")||""))})();

Not explicitly blessing the use of numeronyms as a11y” is objectively less accessible of a word than accessibility” unless someone is already privvy to the abbreviation. hic sunt dracones, as they say.

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