My Favorite Album That You Can’t Listen to on Spotify

Published February 5, 2024

tl;dr Incorporated by The Legion of Doom isn’t available on Spotify1. But you should still listen to it. Especially if you’re into early 2000s emo, punk, and hardcore.

I was late to the party by a full decade by the time I first discovered it, but now nearly 10 years later, I still find myself listening to The Legion of Doom’s Incorporated mashup album.

I first found it through a Call of Duty fragmovie which featured the track Lolita’s Medicine” which is a mashup featuring New Medicines” by Dead Poetic, which I’ve been a fan of for a while.

The history2 of the album is amusing, it was a bootleg-only release after being leaked and shared via peer-to-peer services. In 2007 it was distributed through Illegal Art and in theory, there’s physical CDs floating around. A quick search shows these can still be bought, though certainly more of a collectable item as it nears vintage status.

Some of my personal favorites from the album, in no particular order:

Some specific original tracks I liked, that were part of the mashups:

This album has been on my mind recently after seeing Armor For Sleep and Thursday live (separately) within the past couple months along with Emo Orchestra performed by Hawthorne Heights. In essence, a throwback to some early (for me) music.

  1. There is a popular fan-made playlist with most of the individual tracks, though:↩︎

  2. Wikipedia is a source, right?↩︎

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