Decision Paralysis

Published March 10, 2021

In a recent HN thread I came across the term decision paralysis” which has stuck with me. It very much encapsulates experiences I’ve had (admittedly) over-thinking the options available to me when deciding on something.

For me, recently, that has been happening with my search for a Google Analytics replacement. I have, quite literally, a list of various services that I need to research & evaluate. The same thing is happening for email providers (and forwarding services, to a degree) and parts for my 650B singlespeed bike build.

I don’t have a solution. It certainly happened for years when I was interested in having a blog but wasn’t sold on any of the platforms or tooling I had found. Eventually, I stumbled on Blot which is where I have remained since 2018. I’ve certainly spent countless hours trying out note taking & todo apps to end up returning to plaintext files.

Ironically, I think making a decision aids in breaking the paralysis.

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