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June 2019  1 post

Pi-hole Revisited
Revisiting my Pi-hole config.

May 2019  2 posts

Riding 70 Miles on a Fat Bike
La Lèche Du Nord on a fat bike.
(Java)Scripting Google Drive
How not to write a shell script.

April 2019  5 posts

Framed Minnesota LTD Fat Bike
Thoughts on the Framed Minnesota LTD fat tire bike.
From Gulp 3 to Gulp 4
Porting a simple Gulpfile from Gulp 3 to Gulp 4.
Eating the (w)hole pi(e) with Pi-hole
Performance gains & ad-blocking at the DNS-level.
Pseudo-standard Text File Adoption Rates (2019)
How many sites use {robots,humans,security}.txt?
Functional Cartesian Products in JavaScript
Creating Cartesian products in JavaScript using functional notation.

January 2019  2 posts

Cross-site Scripting </script> Vulnerability
A cross-site scripting edge case.
2019 Resolutions
What I don't know & would like to learn (hopefully in 2019).

December 2018  1 post

Winter Biking Setup
Hardening a bike for the winter season.

October 2018  2 posts

MHacks 11
Ramblings on MHacks 11.
Notes on Taking Notes
Notes on how I like to take notes.

August 2018  2 posts

Compiling SCSS with Webtask
Compiling SCSS via Webtask.
RPN: Postfix Notation
An intro to Reverse Polish Notation (AKA Postfix Notation).

July 2018  3 posts

@media Queries & Breakpoints in SCSS
How I like to handle @media queries & breakpoints in SCSS.
Optimizing Images
How I handle image optimization, especially for this site.
Using anĀ .af TLD with Blot (via Cloudflare)
My experience using an .af TLD with Blot via Cloudflare.

June 2018  1 post

Hello, world!
The first post of many, hopefully.